Playa Companion - Burner Love for a Price

About Us

Playa Companion is a Black Rock City based Escort & Massage agency. We are professionally managed to achieve complete quality assurance for our clients so that they can really fulfill their wishes.

The need for Playa Companion as part of the BRC experience became evident after the well publicized Relationship Survival Guide illustrated that campmates & partners do not always agree on what constitutes a 'Fine Playa Experience'.

Their fantasies are not necessarily our fantasies.  Playa Companion allows you to create the ultimate Playa adventure, weather that is just someone to walk the Esplanade with or get a massage with the ending you never get at home or perhaps have the sexual adventure of a lifetime.

Our high standards and complete professional approach is the reason we excel in the industry where others fall short.   Playa Companion was created for those who can appreciate professionalism by an escort agency with character from over Eighteen months of experience.

Our best form of advertisement, is your referrals! - Any time you send in a friend for services valued at over $100.00 you will receive a gift certificate for a FREE 30-minute massage. Gift certificates can be combined for longer massage times.

"Discretion, Confidentiality & Professionalism are the most important considerations of our company", says Scotto, Playa Companion's founder.