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April Fool's - Year #4

April 25, 2008 Phoenix, AZ - The origin of April Fool's Day is obscure, it's one of many traditions where we don't really know how it began. The first known reference in English is from John Aubrey who said in 1686: "Fooles holy day. We observe it on ye first of April."

ScottoBobScottoThe most popular hypothesis is that April Fool originated during the switch over to the Gregorian calendar in the 16th century. Before the change the New Year was celebrated at the end of March (the vernal equinox), with festivities ending on 1st April. After the calendar changed the New Year began on 1st January as it does now.

Practical jokes of all kinds are to be expected on April Fool's Day.

In the World of Scotto...a.k.a. ScottoBobScotto, Gus, Jim & 'Sir Jim of Bob' those practical jokes come in the form of Burning Man Parody
web sites.

Do I think I am still fooling folks after 4 Years, why YES I DO.  Some people are just obliviously unaware of the date, that being April Fool's Day - 04/01.  In the end I get a kick out of the Burning Man Parody thing, coming up with the domain names and the creative outlet that is web design.

Their fantasies are not necessarily our fantasies.  Playa Companion allows you to create the ultimate Playa adventure, weather that is just someone to walk the Esplanade with or get a massage with the ending you never get at home or perhaps have the sexual adventure of a lifetime.

To prove the point that months later people stumble upon the April Fool's web sites and are semi-conscious believing the Site and or Services are real, I share with you an email I received on behalf of Burning Shade some 4-months after it premiered on 04/01/07.

From: Name Withheld
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2007 2:49 PM
Subject: shade structure for burning man!

Hi there -
I am going to Burning Man with my friend, and another couple. We are looking for a shade structure that we can put two tents under. Can you help? We will be arriving on Monday, leaving on Monday.  I'd love to receive a price quote for your services.

Thank you!
Name Withheld

My Response

Thank you so much for inquiring about Shade for the Playa. Burning Shade is here to assist you.

Are you a Playa VIRGIN?

What dimensions are you looking for? 10'x20'? 20'x20'?

Credit Card, Driver License and Proof of Insurance Required. Please advise further as our inventory is running low...

You appear to have been duped by the Burning Shade Web Site. It was part of an April Fool's slurry of sites I did in '07. Parent Company was SBS Consolidated.  I hope that you do find shade and have the most amazing Burning Man experience.

I GOT YOU!!!!!!!


I hope you have enjoyed the 2008 sites as much as I did in creating them.  Yes, you can count on another round of April Fool's web sites, ala Scotto  in 2009.

         'Burning Man will change your life...You just do not know how yet'

  'Everything you take to Burning Man including yourself will never be the same'