Playa Companion - Burner Love for a Price


Playa Companion is the obvious choice for professional massage or private companionship within the gates of Black Rock City. We know that indulging is based on the idea that not everyone, including your partner, wants to do what you want to do while On-Playa. 

Our companions come from diverse backgrounds so you are assured of being paired with someone who is truly compatible.  Our companions will make sure your every fantasy is fulfilled, your every desire catered to. Schedule some Playa-Time with a Companion today.

What about a massage? The benefits of Massage cannot be denied, how it relaxes the mind & body. A single 60-minute massage can lower your stress level by as much as 50%, which means less aches and pains after a long day on the Playa. Let our experienced masseur's work on that sore back, drain the tension that has infused your body from a day of Playa-Fun.

We offer a variety of massage techniques and styles:

  • Swedish - Uses gliding strokes, kneading, friction, and tapping
  • Deep Tissue - Uses slow strokes & direct pressure
  • Hot Stone - Combining massage with the use of heated lava rocks
  • Reiki - Uses the energy waves within the body to balance circulation.
  • Acupressure - Employs applying focused pressure and release

'All treatments provided by licensed massage therapists'
"Includes the Happy Ending you desire"

Choose from an assortment of massage times -  Play as a couple...
Maybe a 3-way or more.  The fantasy is up to you.

"If you appreciate professionalism, then Playa Companion is for you.  Our staff will work with you to make your evening a Playa moment to remember", says ScottoBobScotto, CEO