Playa Companion - Burner Love for a Price


Our household had a countdown to launch day as well as a '15 Minute Call'.  As I let the sites loose and watched the counters start to move I knew it was all worth it.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  Across the six sites we processed 44 Completed Orders, 4 Résumés, 2 General Inquiries and lots of great comments.  We have already started on ideas for 2009...

The Burning Man Web Site posted (2) Two great April Fool's stories.
McCAIN To Campaign at Burning Man & New Security Measures For Burning Man 2008 Announced

Like I said in another message to you (in response to the Legal Defense Fund) this is a very impressive April Fool's Day joke. You must have worked on this for months! I've also enjoyed your other sites over the past several years. Kudos, kudos, kudos.
This is a very well planned out April's Fool joke, although I really could have done without the stuff on child molestation and the implicit besmirching of sexual assault victims. Good prank nonetheless. It must have taken you/ you guys ages to set this up. I wonder how many people will be fooled.
You have got to be freaking kidding! Anyhoo...sign me up for the dining thing.
At last we can burn in the style to which we would like to become accustomed. Thank you, Scotto. That must have taken some time to create and organize
Most excellent!  - I reserved an escort
So many of these sites want sooooooo much money!!! yeah it's some disappointing news from BRC/burning man?? anyone have more clarity on these. Although I found them very interesting the money stuff is weird IS THIS OFFICIAL???
I am shocked and horrified by your blatant and irresponsible omission of Pabst Blue Ribbon on your menu. rest assured, the DPW will not be dining with you guys in protest. and I would keep on eye on your valets...
MOOP be gone-- awesome!
Oh, I will be sure and come by to find AND congratulate you on your phenomenal efforts here. It was a great amount of time and thought to put it together - superlatively crafted with punch and verve! And I hardly complemented you as I really figured that that was a dead email address! So, thank you very much for your kind reply!
AAAARGH! My brain! MY BRAIN!!!! Can't stand the joke even!!
You almost had me there... how long exactly did it take you to whip up those websites? Awesome - way to do April fools in pure burner style! Please tell me you posted this in every burner related community available
You're awesome. You have way too much time on your hands, but awesome none the less!!
While we are not a theme camp, I understand there will be disposal outside of the gate? This is the type of service we would be interested in. Our camp usually consist of 40 Burners. Any composting material is taken home to the garden, along with recycling items. All the trash is in bags and tied. It would be great not to have to haul it to my brothers in Elko, where our gear lives. Thank you so much for offering this service. I hope we will be able to use it.
My wife & I get that threesome without the boring "get to know you" part. Scotto - this is brilliant. Laughed my ass off! Thanks!
This sounds wonderful! I can't wait! Please send me a confirmation email
Thanks for observing this great tradition.
Yeah, after my initial freak-out I realized what date it is.
OK, you got me.
You mean it isn't real? I was hoping to avoid taking any food out there this year and just dine by the trash fence nightly. Actually, the whole concept meshed brilliantly with the "American Dream" theme. Thanks for the smiles.
Newbies are the most passionate. I love them!
Awesome work man! I'm reserving two playa companions now.
I hope you don't mind... I posted your sites in pretty much every note worth tribe that I'm in - especially the virgin ones. This kind of greatness must be shared with the masses. Well done my friend, well done indeed!!
I see you are up to your old April Fools stuff again. I didn’t send to the list. Let me know how many fall for it.
The best part was watching your posts and refraining from cluing you in!  AZ always, nice job Scotto.
Fucking Brilliant! kill me. Freckin hilarious. Nice Job.
Congratulations on yet another great April Fool day :)
It is 4/1 correct?
I rather studiously filled out every form on the websites in the hope that I will be chosen as a Playa Companion, will obtain a Playa Companion, will eat my meals at the Trash Fence, will have my entire camp transported magically to the playa, purchase a Penthouse Condo with a view of The Man, and be defended in court against those malicious charges of sexual misconduct with a sheep at the Greeter's Station. I hope that Scotto has fun with the forms.
An April Fool...
If these are real, I am thoroughly disappointed.
Nice Job Scotto!
I just bought my condo at BRC so the party is at my house.
This is great! I just bought a condo, and my first hour out there a "companion" will meet me there. Thanks Scotto!
What an awesome service, it really takes the work out of it so I can just pop the recliner out and hang out in my Hawaiian shirt with a beer and check out all the naked chicks running around!
Dude you did this last year (and the year before?)- it's not as funny when you've been going to BM for 12 years. Try something new.
So I was laying in bed this morning...and my first thought was -- "what day is it?? April first..." "DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU GET FROM SCOTT TODAY!!!" I think next year you should really mess with people...and do it on march first!!!
This can't be for real. And if it's on BRC, wouldn't BMORG have to give the go ahead for something like this?
That's just great. Like Sheriff's Deputies and BLM thugs weren't bad enough. Now the place is gonna be crawling with Secret Service agents also.
Yeah, that's just fucking wonderful. As if there weren't enough uninvited assholes with badges at BM already.
Between this and the BRC condos one might just conclude that the end is indeed near. dude, what are you talking about? this is what makes the playa great!
So let me get this straight... if I ship all my gear and sundries with your service... and everything is 97% insured... that means that of the 100 bottles of vodka I'm bringing with me, you are going to drink at least 3 of them on your way to the playa right?